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Chapter 1564 Aren’t You Jealous?

  • Tang Yuanyuan seemed to have woken up from the noise. When she saw Meng Kefei standing by the door, she sat up in bed feeling slightly confused.
  • “Fei?”
  • She looked at Meng Kefei with a puzzled look after sitting up. “Why are you up so early?”
  • Upon hearing Tang Yuanyuan’s voice, Meng Kefei’s heart started beating even faster than it already was. She drew a deep breath in before turning back around.
  • “Yuanyuan, I couldn’t sleep so I got up to look at the time.”
  • At the mention of the time, Tang Yuanyuan also took a look then scrunched up her small face when she saw what time it was. “It’s so early. I want to sleep a bit more. Are you going to sleep too, Fei?”
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