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Chapter 1440 You Have To Wait For Me

  • However, she couldn’t figure out why he would possibly do that.
  • Causing an accident for Yan and making Han Qing suffer wouldn’t benefit He Lianjing at all. On the contrary, Xu Yanwan would dislike him even more and regard He Lianjing as a very volatile person.
  • Back then, Xu Yanwan was reluctant to entertain him. Firstly, he was too much of a skirt-chaser. Secondly, the unstable aura he gave off had been too strong. Every time she looked into his eyes, Xu Yanwan had a feeling that she was looking into a beast’s eyes instead—the kind of wild beast that lurked in the night and sent chills down your spine once it set its sight on you.
  • She didn’t like it—not one single bit.
  • He Lianjing, are you the one behind this?
  • Xu Yanwan’s mind was completely muddled. She bit her lip, hoping that Han Qing would be able to survive this safely.
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