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Chapter 1144 What’s the Meaning of This?

  • Blind date. Han Qing tightened his fist that was under the table before he brought the teacup to his mouth and took a quick sip. Seeing this, Little Bean was befuddled; he did not understand what Aunt Yan was up to. Doesn't she like Uncle Qing? Why did she still want to go on a blind date?
  • Since he was not in a position to say anything, he decided to begin eating silently. Even though he did not come here for the food, all the food on the table would go to waste if no one ate them. Nevertheless, he was still frightened by the way Uncle Qing stared at him earlier when he saw all the food displayed on the table.
  • While Little Bean was busy eating, the three adults were all deep in thought. Hearing what Yan said about himself, Li Sihan appeared to be particularly aggressive in helping her to the food, making sure that she had enough to eat.
  • Yan was speechless as she saw this. However, she was annoyed that he was using his chopsticks to pick dishes for her as they had serving chopsticks on the table. Am I shooting myself in the foot? As much as she was reluctant to eat it, she felt it would be a shame if she did not. But she simply did not want to eat anything that had another man's saliva… It's disgusting.
  • When Yan was contemplating this, Little Bean suddenly lifted his head. "Mr. Li, we have serving chopsticks on the table. Why are you using your chopsticks to take food for Aunt Yan?"
  • Li Sihan explained with a smiley face, "Don’t worry about it. Since Aunt Yan and I are getting married soon, it doesn't matter if we use the same pair of chopsticks."
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