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Chapter 227 Who Is the Mistress Here?

  • “Stand right there!” Shen Qi shouted at those women who were marching toward her furiously. Although Shen Qi was thin and slender, her tone carried an undeniable intimidating aura, which made them stop dead in their tracks.
  • “Madam-I-don’t-know-your-name, you claim that I seduced your husband. May I know if you have proof?”
  • Upon hearing that, everyone looked at Shi Qinbao in puzzlement.
  • Pftt, you are a shameless woman, and anyone could tell that you are indecent. Why would I need any proof?”
  • “In that case, are you saying that any woman whom you deem shameless would seduce your husband? Who do you think your husband is? Why would you think that everyone wants to seduce him?”
  • “Y-You are jealous that my husband won a 5-million lottery! You are vain and greedy, and you are eyeing his riches. That is why you seduced him on purpose!”
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