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Chapter 210 Pretending To Be BFFs?

  • "You!" Yan covered her face and was about to take a step forward, while Han Xueyou took a step back. "This slap is to remind you—get lost if you are smart, or... my identity as a Young Miss Han of the Han family is not just a joke.”
  • Yan didn’t care and just rushed forward before giving her a slap in return.
  • She was fierce and fast. Before Han Xueyou could react, the slap had already reached her face.
  • "How dare you hit me?"
  • "Can't I hit you if you can hit me?” Yan rushed up and growled fiercely.
  • Han Xueyou covered her face and glared at her with rage, as if she was going to tear her apart. “Don’t think I won’t do anything to you just because you are Qi’s friend.”
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