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Chapter 1400 Isn’t It Just a Man

  • “Uh-huh.” Jiang Xiaobai folded her arms before her and leaned back heavily. “That’s right. I took his innocence. Then, he told me it bothered him and wanted to take responsibility. Bah! Why doesn’t he take a look at himself and see if he can match up to me?”
  • Fang Tangtang seemed to be at a loss when she heard those words. “Xiao Su is quite a good-looking guy, and he’s tall too. Most importantly, he has a great career! You are unmistakably gorgeous. Besides, when you stand next to each other, you look pretty well-matched.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai looked at her in disgust. “Fang Tangtang, since when did you become this shallow? When I say ‘match’, I wasn’t talking about his looks, alright?”
  • “Then, what were you talking about?”
  • “He likes somebody else,” she said unhappily.
  • “Who cares about him? Didn’t you say you don’t like him? So, what does he having feelings for somebody else have to do with you?”
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