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Chapter 860 Are You a Doctor?

  • “I just felt like switching styles.” Duanmu Xue felt sheepish and she didn’t have the courage to meet Duanmu Zhe’s eyes.
  • After observing her for a while, he couldn’t pinpoint anything out of the ordinary and he smiled at her. “My friend just returned from abroad. He heard that I have an outstanding younger sister, and he would like to meet you.”
  • Duanmu Xue rejected him straight away without a second thought when she heard that. “I’m not interested.” However, she realized that she rejected Duanmu Zhe too quickly and tried to explain herself, “Zhe, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that I’m not free today, which is why…”
  • Duanmu Zhe stood still without saying anything. Instead, he stared at her in silence. Duanmu Xue felt her skin crawl under his unwavering scrutiny. My older brother always appears to be smiling, and he might look approachable and easy-going, but I know that in reality, he isn’t as easy to get along with as how he presents himself. He merely presents himself as an approachable, lively and unruly person. In reality, Duanmu Zhe has his cunning ways too. However, he would never present that to outsiders. Right now, for instance, his face is devoid of emotions as if he isn’t furious at all, but deep down, I know that it is the calm before the storm. Zhe is furious… If my memory serves me right, he has only lost his temper once.
  • Even his younger sister, Duanmu Xue, couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily when she recalled the time he lost his temper. Thus, she smiled while approaching him. “Zhe, is your friend handsome? If he is, I should… go with you, Zhe.”
  • Duanmu Zhe was intrigued since she revealed a trace of vulnerability. After a few moments, he smiled again. “He is handsome, of course. Would I even bring him up if he isn’t good looking?”
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