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Chapter 1671 Incomparable

  • Mrs. Zhong felt a little angry when she heard those words. I can’t believe Zhong Chufeng, that brat, told Tang Yuanyuan that he had no feelings for her! How does he expect to court a girl if he acts like that? Is he sh*tting me?!
  • “Yuanyuan, you’ve known Chufeng for so many years. What kind of person do you think he is?”
  • Tang Yuanyuan and Zhong Chufeng had always gotten along very well. Thus, she naturally thought well of him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken the time to come to the hospital to visit or even help out in taking care of his mother. Mulling over it, she gently replied, “Chufeng is a great guy.”
  • “In what way?”
  • She replied, “In every way.”
  • “If that’s the case, are you willing to get to know him better? For example, maybe he lied to you when he said that he didn’t have feelings for you.”
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