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Chapter 35 What Use is There in Saying Sorry?

  • That night, Shen Qi dreamt.
  • She dreamt about the night from more than a month ago. The man fiercely held onto her waist tightly while kissing her violently. His breaths were hot and passionate, and low and husky moans filled the air.
  • Shen Qi tossed and turned, kicking off the blanket because it was too hot before opening her eyes.
  • The sun was already up; the room was filled with rays of sunlight that shone in through the window while a gentle morning breeze rustled the air.
  • In a daze, Shen Qi sat up and stayed there as her brain began to process her dream.
  • Such a long period of time had already passed; why was she dreaming about that man again?
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