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Chapter 1519 Must Treat Him Well

  • It would not be appropriate for Liang Yahe to continue asking since Jiang Xiaobai had already said so. Since Xiaobai had not sorted out her thoughts yet, it would be counterproductive if she kept forcing her to say something. In the end, Liang Yahe only nodded and patted Xiaobai’s shoulder. “Okay, then I won’t ask anymore. However, you can just throw a tantrum at Xiao Su if you can’t take it anymore. He won’t dare to talk back to you. You can even beat or scold him. Just don’t keep everything to yourself. Otherwise, you’ll get sick from it.”
  • “Okay.”
  • After Xiao Su got chased out of the room, he stayed outside the room and never left. He did not even try to eavesdrop on their conversation. When Liang Yahe opened the door and came out, Xiao Su immediately approached her. “Mom, how’s Xiaobai?”
  • Liang Yahe only scoffed at her son and did not bother replying to him after seeing his anxious response. She then walked straight to the living room. Xiao Su thought of entering the room since she did not respond to him. When his hand was about to reach the doorknob, Liang Yahe immediately turned around and shouted at him, “You, stop there!”
  • “Mom?”
  • “Go to the living room now. Xiaobai needs to rest. Do you want to go in and disturb her?”
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