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Chapter 1213 I Want This Man

  • In the end, Yan brought Lin Qin’er to the hotel because the former had suggested for the latter to recuperate in the hospital. This was to buy Yan some time to think of her next plans while she was back in the hotel. However, Lin Qin’er refused the suggestion and claimed that she was afraid of staying in the hospital alone, insisting that she was apprehensive that her husband might suddenly appear and she’d be in deep trouble.
  • Lin Qin’er cried her eyes out while she pleaded with Yan. Yan eventually asked helplessly, “What should we do?”
  • Lin Qin’er wiped her tears away. “Where are you living? May I stay with you temporarily for two days? Don’t worry because I will purchase a flight ticket home two days later. I will not cause trouble for you.”
  • Yan felt that she was pushed into a corner since Lin Qin’er said that. Hence, she agreed to Lin Qin’er’s request in the end. With that, there was suddenly an extra person with her and Han Qing on the holiday. Yan was disappointed with this knowledge, but she dismissed that feeling swiftly.
  • Lin Qin’er was gazing at her reflection in the mirror amidst the mist while scanning the large bathroom. After that, she glanced at the clothes Yan gave her while smiling faintly to herself. She is truly a young girl—even her clothes are so childish. I wonder how she conquered a man like Han Qing. Do men like young girls who look like stick figures?
  • After learning that Yan and Han Qing weren’t a married couple, Lin Qin’er had other plans in mind. To be honest, she did not harbor any plans in the beginning. However, Han Qing was an outstanding man—in fact, he was exceptionally handsome while radiating an irresistible charm through his actions and behavior.
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