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Chapter 807 What Engagement?

  • “Hmm?” Duanmu Zhe seemed to have caught on to something. “What engagement? Who’s getting engaged to whom?”
  • After a mere glance, Duanmu Xue simply ignored him.
  • Duanmu Zhe looked at her in amusement. “I was only gone for a little trip, but something has happened without my knowledge? And what’s with that gaze of yours? Why does it seem like I’ve wronged you?”
  • “It’s like this.” Duanmu Aotian had always treasured his two grandchildren, so he took the initiative to explain to his grandson, “Previously, our family had a marriage contract with the Yuchi family, but Yuchi Jin’s daughter didn’t approve of it. It was with much regret that our two families weren’t able to be unified through marriage. That was when I discussed the matter with Yuchi Jin, saying that even if our children could not marry each other, our grandchildren could. Recently, that old man, Yuchi Jin, found his grandson, so he’s preparing for a marriage between our two families.”
  • Hearing this, Duanmu Zhe raised his eyebrows and asked, “He found his grandchild? He’s a guy?”
  • “Yes.”
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