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Chapter 1188 Someone Will Keep Me Company

  • At this moment, everyone was standing around Little Sprout, feeling excited and joyous. This included Yan, who was excited when she saw Little Sprout's adorable look. She would happily poke Little Sprout's soft and cute fists from time to time with her finger.
  • When Han Qing noticed Yan's gesture, the sweet look on her face pleased him.
  • All of a sudden, Han Muzi looked over to Yan and inquired, "Isn't my daughter adorable?"
  • Not knowing what Han Muzi was going to say next, Yan nodded to her excitedly for giving birth to a baby girl. "Of course. Little Sprout's really adorable. Look at her hand; look at her chubby face. She's too adorable! If it's not because of how small she is, I would definitely cuddle her." Newborns were indeed too small and fragile. As one who was never a mother before, for the sake of safety, Yan did not dare to pick up Little Sprout.
  • "No worries. You can try carrying her."
  • Yan shook her head. "No need. I'm not in a rush. I can wait until she's bigger. I'll have plenty of opportunities in the future."
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