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Chapter 439 Why Do You Hate Me So Much?

  • Doesn’t matter at all? As soon as Han Muzi heard those words, her eyes darkened as she gazed into nowhere in particular before mumbling in a low voice, “How would it not matter? Compared to the unknown future, I prefer to cherish the past and present, because we are the only ones who truly understand the hard work and effort that we put into it. Maybe after a few awards, people will think that I don’t care about the achievements anymore, but… is that true?” She turned over to Leng Yueyue and gave her a serious look. “Trust me. Years later, no matter which position you end up in, you will never forget this moment today.”
  • The awe-inspiring determination in her eyes truly touched Leng Yueyue’s heart. She then pursed her lips. “I believe you… Thank you!”
  • Han Muzi smiled gently and didn’t say anything else.
  • “How are things coming along?”
  • “The lawyer has already contacted Ye Group. This time, I chose the best lawyer and he guaranteed that he will negotiate with them to lower the compensation fee as much as possible,” Yan reported with confidence.
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