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Chapter 699 Your Daddy Has Asked Me to Marry Him

  • Seeing how long that message was, Ye Moxuan decided to read through it multiple times.
  • As the rest saw how the manager of the talent marketing department had offered his solution, they had all decided to follow suit and come up with many different ways of pleasing a child while fighting to send them out.
  • Ye Moxuan looked at the messages for a long time, and his head started to hurt. He then decided to give Xiao Su a call.
  • At this point, Xiao Su was in the shower. He did not think too much about it when he heard the WeChat notifications on his phone until the notifications were piling in endlessly as if the phone was possessed.
  • He was still thinking who that bold person might be that dared to spam the group chat with so many messages. He told himself that when he got to his phone, he would block that person. Shortly after that… a call came in.
  • Normally, under this circumstance, only two kinds of people would call him—the first was the delivery man, the second was…
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