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Chapter 295 He Likes Another Woman Too

  • However, seeing Yan’s expression now, it didn’t seem like she disliked Shen Qi.
  • In the end, Shen Qi couldn’t help asking, “D-Don’t you feel disgusted by me?”
  • Yan looked at her strangely. “Why would I?”
  • As soon as she asked that, she suddenly came to a realization. “My God, please don’t tell me that you thought I didn’t like you anymore because I entered my room for a while. And you were going to leave silently because of that?”
  • Shen Qi didn’t answer her, but this was her line of thoughts indeed.
  • Yan was speechless with anger. “Come on! Even without hearing me out, you’ve already made all these assumptions! Do you often do this to Ye Moxuan too?” While speaking, she stretched out her arm and pulled Shen Qi back into the living room. “I went back to my room because I have never encountered such a situation before, so I didn’t know how to comfort you for a while; that’s why I went back to my room to sort out my thoughts. Now that everything is sorted out, I planned to come out to talk to you. However, you actually… thought of me as that type of person! That’s too hurtful!”
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