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Chapter 45 It Was Hard Being the Middleman

  • “I went out to settle some business.” At the last minute, Shen Qi persuaded herself to not use her business with Lu Group as an excuse. It was Old Master Ye’s orders to not tell Ye Moxuan; if she told him the truth, she would be betraying Old Master Ye and it would only worsen the relationship between them.
  • Which was why Shen Qi pursed her lips and chose to not tell him the truth.
  • Ye Moxuan narrowed his eyes in suspicion and glared at her. “I’ll give you one last chance. Tell me the truth!”
  • His voice was cold and harsh. Shen Qi was extremely afraid, but she bit her lower lip and said, “I only went out to buy some things. Besides, you have already decided to deduct one month of my salary and I didn’t have any objections. I don’t think there is a need for you to know where I went.”
  • Ye Moxuan was momentarily stunned before he glared at her dangerously. “Repeat what you just said.”
  • Shen Qi gripped her phone and slowly inched toward the door. “I don’t want to!”
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