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Chapter 1435 Have You Ever Thought of Me

  • Watching as Jiang Xiaobai struggled with all her might, Ye Moxuan stepped forward and whispered something into the staff member’s ear. However, the staff member could only look helplessly at Jiang Xiaobai and said, “We’re deeply sorry. We understand your feelings very well, but nobody can enter the scene right now. As for the people inside, we’re trying our best to rescue them from the fire.”
  • Despite the assurance from the staff member, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t see what was going on inside. All she could do was wait in place anxiously while biting her lower lip in anger.
  • What a dumb*ss Xiao Su is. Does he think of himself as a hero? How can he just dive inside regardless of his safety when the fire is so intense? Well, the couple are already long gone, but he hasnt come out yet. How could he think of acting as a hero in such a situation? What a stupid idiot!
  • Jiang Xiaobai kept scolding Xiao Su in her mind, but she hoped deep down inside that he would come out as soon as possible. He must be alright. He must be alright!
  • She held her palms together while praying incessantly. Since she could neither do anything nor go inside, she could only pray that he was safe and sound.
  • She waited for what seemed like an eternity before Xiao Su finally came out. However, he was rescued out of the fire with only a tinge of consciousness left; Jiang Xiaobai dashed toward him the instant she saw his figure.
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