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Chapter 869 What Does That Have to Do with Me?

  • After she hung up the phone, Han Muzi sat on her bed for a while before lying on the bed under her blanket. She turned around and gazed at the serene night view outside the window.
  • She had never wished for Ye Moxuan to have a large conflict and to even sever ties with his grandfather because of her. Therefore, when she saw the housekeeper helplessly standing at the door begging for him to return, she became soft-hearted. But now, she felt that she relented to the housekeeper’s request too soon because the reason Duanmu Xue wanted to see Ye Moxuan would never be that simple.
  • If she considered it from another angle, Han Muzi felt that she might be overthinking. In the Yuchi residence, even if Duanmu Xue harbored some schemes, it would not escape Yuchi Jin’s eyes unless he assisted her. Upon having such thoughts, Han Muzi immediately sat up.
  • She had an uneasy feeling, but if she ran out in the middle of the night and was caught up with something, she would only cause trouble for Ye Moxuan. She had not forgotten what he told her before he left. Wait for my return.
  • No matter how anxious I am, I need to believe him. He has asked me to wait for his return, so he will definitely keep to his word. Han Muzi continuously consoled herself before lying back down again. As time passed, she didn’t feel sleepy at all; instead she felt restless and held her phone in her hand.
  • After waiting for an unknown amount of time, her phone suddenly vibrated. She opened her phone and saw that it was George who texted her. ‘Muzi, don’t worry. I’ve arrived at the Yuchi residence. I’ll go and check out the situation first, and if something happens, I’ll help Yuchi!’
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