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Chapter 1445 Do Not Talk About Having a Breakup

  • Jiang Xiaobai was brought out of the pub on Xiao Su’s shoulders.
  • As it was warm in the pub, Jiang Xiaobai did not feel cold at all. However, she could not help but tremble after feeling the cool breeze outside.
  • Nevertheless, she was still boiling with anger; she proceeded to scold Xiao Su all the way back home.
  • “Put me down, Xiao Su. Did you hear me? Are you even walking with me in your arms? You’re just carrying me now. Besides, are you even qualified to touch me? Do you think that you can touch me after paying for everyone? You spent the money on someone else. Why do I need to bear the consequences for them?”
  • No one replied to her and the scenery before her continued to change.
  • Jiang Xiaobai was enraged, so she continued to scold him, “Why did you even pay the bill and be the fool? Do you really think that you’re rich? Does it even concern you that I want to dance with another man for an hour? Is there even a need for you to take action? Put me down. I want to walk by myself. Put me down now! You b*stard, are you even listening to me? Why have you come looking for me? You can just stay at the hospital—your beloved woman is still waiting for you there. Since you don’t listen to my words at all, why do I need to listen to yours? Put me down!”
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