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Chapter 1342 Fate

  • Looking out for me in place of my parents? Did he transfer me merely because of that? After hearing those words, Xu Yanwan felt a pang of bitterness and pain in her heart. Then, she lifted her eyes to look at Han Qing. “Is there no other reason to it?” She could hear herself asking the question in a barely audible voice. It was so soft that she could hardly hear herself, let alone him.
  • Although they were not standing that far apart, they were not standing that close either. Thus, Han Qing did not hear the question she uttered. Besides, he wasn’t bothered by whatever she said anyway. He knew that there was only one reason why she came here looking for him—she wanted to refuse the job transfer he offered her.
  • “Yanwan,” he called out her name, sighing. “I know you are eager to prove yourself, but… under these circumstances, now is not the time for you to act tough. Besides, there is always more than one solution for most issues.”
  • She stared into the pair of handsome and clear eyes before her. No matter how many years had passed, the look he gave her never changed. There was only a faint trace of emotions, and nothing else, in the depths of his deep, black eyes. It was vastly different from the gaze he had given Yan at the hospital. At that time, his gaze was overflowing with tenderness as well as a feeling of fierce possessiveness and desire. How did it turn out like this? Then, she closed her eyes and said, “I understand. In that case, I would like to thank you for your kindness on behalf of my parents, President Han.” After that, she gave him a small smile before turning around and leaving the office.
  • Han Qing did not know what was going on in her heart; he figured that it might be due to her pride. After all, she, who was once the Young Lady of the Xu Family, had fallen so far that she had to work in his company now. Still, if she was willing to accept his offer, he could continue helping her out. Even so, with her personality, he predicted that he wouldn’t be able to help her any more than this.
  • After Xu Yanwan left the office, she calmly returned to her own department and began to pack up her things without another word. Jiang Wenwen noticed that Xu Yanwan was very quiet when she returned. Thus, she came forward curiously. “How did things go? Yanwan, have you decided to accept the offer?”
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