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Chapter 302 We Won't Become Enemies

  • Yan was excited, but Shen Qi was still worried.
  • She didn't want to share a ride with Ye Linhan. Ye Moxuan had already misunderstood Ye Linhan and her. If she went to the dinner party with Ye Linhan again and weren’t seen, it would be all right, but if she were to be seen with Ye Linhan, Ye Moxuan would probably misunderstand her again.
  • Thinking of this, Shen Qi became even more morose.
  • Ye Linhan said, "I know what you are worried about. We will leave as soon as we get the documents, and I will send you there. On the way, you can also see the documents that my secretary has put together for you. Before we arrive, I'll find a safe place for you to exit the car so that no one will misunderstand anything."
  • Shen Qi was speechless upon hearing that.
  • Then, she looked up at Ye Linhan in surprise, feeling extremely guilty at that moment.
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