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Chapter 91 That Man Had A Great Background

  • “Yes, we are brothers of different mothers.”
  • Ye Linhan explained in a low voice, “Things are a little complicated, but Moxuan used to grow up outside the Family and only came back in recent years. Therefore, our interactions with him are a little awkward. In addition, since his legs are injured, we can’t blame him for being hot-tempered. Moxuan...had suffered a lot and grandpa hoped to make it up to him. Therefore, he gave the company president’s position to Moxuan. Of course, Moxuan himself also has the capability, so even if grandfather didn't give him this position, he would be able to sit on that seat by relying on his capabilities alone one day.”
  • Shen Qi was speechless. She never knew that the Ye Family had such a complicated backstory.
  • However, why did Ye Moxuan grow up outside the Ye Family? He and Ye Linhan have different mothers? Don’t tell me...he is the son of a mistress his father had?
  • At the thought of the theory of Ye Moxuan’s mother being a mistress, an inexplicable feeling rose in Shen Qi’s heart.
  • This might be due to her ex-husband also having a mistress, therefore...
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