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Chapter 1369 Do You Hate Me?

  • “Do you and my brother fulfill this condition? Apart from growing up together when you were kids, did you have any sort of romantic relationship with each other?”
  • Xu Yanwan was speechless when she heard the words, probably because she did not expect Han Muzi to speak such harsh and blunt words. Actually, Han Muzi had only been waiting for the right time to say these words out. She just thought that the other party would have something to say regarding this matter, so she never spoke up. She just did not expect that Xu Yanwan would bring up her affairs as an example. She also brought up the memories that had left her broken-hearted back then.
  • Now that everything had been said, Han Muzi figured that she did not have to be too courteous anymore, so she pointed it out clearly. “Am I wrong to say so?” She smiled and said in a light tone, “You and Han Qing aren’t in any sort of relationship, and I’m guessing that he’s not even aware of the engagement. Otherwise, with his character, he would’ve broken off the engagement with the Xu family long ago if he doesn’t like you. He wouldn’t have let you continue believing that you’re his fiancée.”
  • Xu Yanwan was shocked, and even her lips had turned a little pale. “You…”
  • “Yanwan, you used to be the treasure of the Xu family, so I won’t be saying any other unpleasant words. Since I already told you this, you can probably figure it out yourself.”
  • Xu Yanwan remained sitting with an unpleasant look on her face as she bit her lower lip. Then, she suddenly smiled. “That’s right; what you’ve said is correct. I don’t have any sort of relationship with him. He doesn’t like me, and it’s only my wishful thinking. No matter how deeply in love I am, I won’t be able to get my feelings reciprocated.”
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