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Chapter 1292 He Is Your Boyfriend

  • It was the eldest son of the Jiang family.
  • It was the Old Madam’s birthday feast today, but Master Jiang had a very important meeting in the morning, so he rushed over after settling those matters.
  • Everyone praised Master Jiang for being filial after learning what he did. He prepared the birthday feast for his mother despite his hectic schedule, and he even rushed over after work.
  • People had that tendency to act that way, especially once they had some achievement. Others would praise him as long as he did something extra, but most people had forgotten that this should be the responsibilities of a filial son.
  • Why was it even praiseworthy?
  • President Zhao turned around when he heard the voice, and he smiled immediately when he saw that it was Master Jiang, Jiang Yanming. “President Jiang!”
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