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Chapter 44 She Panicked

  • Shen Qi rushed out of the room in a hurry to find the servant; she didn’t even bother to put on her shoes.
  • “Hello.” Since the beginning, Shen Qi’s attitude toward the maids had always been timid because she knew that the maids of the Ye Family looked down on her. As such, she didn’t even know if they would give her the button back.
  • Which was why Shen Qi was already mentally prepared to be scorned at by the maid, but to her surprise, the expression on the maid’s face immediately changed when she saw her. The maid took a step back and respectfully greeted, “Second Young Lady.”
  • Shen Qi was startled by her reaction. What is happening?
  • “Second Young Lady, are you looking for me?”
  • Shen Qi paused for a moment before she nodded. Even though she didn’t understand why the maid had suddenly changed her attitude, she didn’t have time to figure that out because the most important thing right then was to get the button back.
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