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Chapter 386 Met Before

  • "Oh?" Han Muzi raised her eyebrow. "Continue."
  • “Her style is different from Zhao Yiru. Zhao Yiru got famous overnight after playing a role in a TV show, but it was a teenage love story and had nothing substantial overall. The show is just to pass the time and has nothing worth rewatching in it. But Lin Xinghuo is different; she started her career at a young age and played different intriguing roles. Usually, celebrities who took this path wouldn’t get famous and don't receive much attention, but she is different. Because of her natural beauty and her excellent acting skills… she has been famous since young and received many opportunities.”
  • Han Muzi managed to understand a little after listening to Yan.
  • “Most importantly, it was said that she was born in a wealthy family, has good manners, and never acted arrogantly. She is the complete opposite of Zhao Yiru.”
  • Hearing that, Han Muzi couldn't help but to glance at Yan. "It seems that you are very satisfied with our potential new customer, aren’t you?”
  • "Yes, of course! You have no idea how pleased I am. We have to take this customer down and make Zhao Yiru mad.”
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