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Chapter 947 I’ve Loved You Longer Than That

  • Upon listening to Yan’s question, he felt as if he went back to the time when she asked him in the kitchen whether he was in love with her. Xiao Su blushed in a deep shade of red and he summoned the server hastily to order some food.
  • It was impossible for Yan to order at this moment, so Xiao Su didn’t even ask for her opinion. Instead, he took charge and ordered some food to warm her up before he returned the menu to the server after that.
  • Xiao Su realized that Yan still stared at him after the server left. She stared at him unwaveringly and looked especially pitiful because her eyes were red and swollen from crying. “You haven’t answered my question,” she stated persistently.
  • Xiao Su was at a loss for words. After a moment of silence, he calmly explained to her, “We are acquaintances. Would you have the heart to ignore someone whom you know if you were to see the person crying all alone on the streets?”
  • As Yan listened to his explanation, she thought it made sense and nodded in agreement. “Ah, I see. That’s great then! For a moment there, I thought… that you’re in love with me,” she commented.
  • Xiao Su froze before turning to look at her. However, Yan did not meet his gaze and kept her eyes on the table instead. “I will reject you if you confess your feelings to me.”
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