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Chapter 1249 I Won’t Hurt You

  • Yan froze on the spot and stared at him blankly. N-Not going to the hospital? Then, does he mean… Her initially fair cheeks instantly turned bright red. Pursing her red lips, her eyes went wide like an innocent baby.
  • “Hmm?” Han Qing leaned down further, his thin lips almost touching hers. She felt as though her breathing was coming to a stop. Inwardly, she thought, If he kisses me at this time, I definitely won’t refuse. Fine by me if he doesn’t want to go to the hospital! We’re boyfriend and girlfriend, after all! Back then, I was worried precisely because he was slow in showing any need for me, no? Therefore, it’s rather wise if I grab hold of this opportunity now and get together with him for real!
  • Just when she’d decided to courageously give herself to him, however, she heard Han Qing asking, “You’re afraid now?
  • Upon hearing that, Yan shook her head vigorously in denial.
  • “If you aren’t afraid, why aren’t you saying anything?”
  • “Er…” Yan wanted to explain herself, but Han Qing flashed her a faint smile and released his grip on her chin before tapping her on the tip of her nose. “Silly goose, what are you afraid of? I won’t hurt you. It’s late now, so go and take a shower quickly, then go to bed. We still have an itinerary to keep to tomorrow.”
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