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Chapter 662 Sealing the Lips With A Kiss

  • Not only that, he also bought gifts. He’s just standing there waiting while I’mAs Han Muzi thought about the scene, she started to feel bad. She bit on her lower lip while she thought on whether to tell Ye Moxuan the truth when meeting him later.
  • But… what will happen if I tell him? According to his temperament, will he suddenly get mad and ignore me after? Han Muzi felt a headache as she rubbed her forehead with a helpless face.
  • “Was that call from your boyfriend?” The driver glanced at her while trying to have a chat with her.
  • Han Muzi didn’t have the drive anymore, so she nodded listlessly.
  • “I can see that your boyfriend is pretty concerned about you, but we can’t do anything about this traffic.”
  • “Yes.”
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