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Chapter 914 I Am a Man Too!

  • Song An and Little Bean had previously never met because the wedding was held abroad. At that time, Song An was conflicted and reluctant to attend the wedding due to its location in another country. Hence, she immediately decided not to attend after she learned that there would be another wedding in China as well. I will be attending the wedding in China anyway. It’s fine as long as I attend one of them since they are the same after all.
  • However, what Song An had not expected was Ye Moxuan to meet with an accident and she almost passed out when she learned about the horrible news. After all, her late sister had entrusted him under her care. Fortunately, they had discovered Ye Moxuan and Song An was relieved to know this. Later On, Han Qing’s secretary, Su Jiu, met with Song An to inform her about Han Muzi’s situation. At that point, Song An did not respond immediately and instead claimed that she needed time to think about it.
  • I did not expect that old man, Yuchi, to be so stubborn. In fact, it was even more unexpected that the old man somehow saved Ye Moxuan by chance. Is this all ill-fated? Even though Ye Moxuan has a special spot in my heart, I honestly do not want to meet Yuchi Jin anymore. I still remember what had happened in the past vividly and I have mixed feelings about this.
  • Just when Song An was undecided and in a dilemma, Han Qing frowned deeply as he was quite upset after Su Jiu conveyed Song An’s wishes to him. He felt that his younger sister already had a difficult time all alone abroad. Furthermore, Han Muzi refused to let Han Qing help her at all. I’m not allowed to intervene with matters happening abroad. In that case, I suppose I could at least control whatever is going on in China. Thus, Han Qing looked for Song An in person and took Little Bean along with him in order to appear more convincing.
  • Song An was astounded when she met Little Bean for the first time. During that meeting, the child continuously addressed her as ‘Grandaunt Song’ with his childish voice as he pleaded for her help. It was within seconds of chatting with him that her heart softened. Upon learning about this matter, Yan sent a message to Han Muzi to update her.
  • Nevertheless, Han Muzi was unfazed when she received that piece of news because she knew that Song An and Little Bean would eventually have met each other. Song An was very fond of Little Bean because the child had a way with his words and he was always polite. He soon had her wrapped around his finger, but she had not expected him to fly abroad.
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