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Chapter 715 Life at Stake

  • After seeing the photo, he was only surprised at first because the man in the photo had good-looking features and a cool aura. Although it was just a photo, the overbearing aura that this man gave off made it feel like the man himself was standing in front of him. More importantly, the man looked familiar to him. “T-This is…”
  • His unusual reaction made Han Muzi think he knew Ye Moxuan and recognized him among the survivors they found.
  • The middle-aged man standing beside him inadvertently glanced at the photo, his eyes widening subconsciously. "This man here… Isn’t this Young Master Ye?"
  • He knows him? Eyes filled with rays of hope, Han Muzi turned to face the man. The man who had just been talking to Han Muzi slapped his forehead suddenly as if he just realized something. "I was wondering why he looked so familiar. I only remembered when you called out his name just now. Isn't this Young Master Ye?" Although he was excited at first, he soon realized the seriousness of this matter. As a result, his eyes and expression suddenly became heavy.
  • He raised his head to look at Han Muzi, his voice a little hoarse. “Lady, don’t tell me… Young Master Ye also boarded this plane?”
  • With just one sentence, the light in Han Muzi’s eyes went out in an instant. When she saw their expressions earlier, she thought Ye Moxuan had been found and that she would be able to see him. However, the two of them were now asking her if Ye Moxuan had boarded the plane.
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