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Chapter 883 Glad You’re Home

  • That sentence left Duanmu Xue completely dumbstruck. Not once did she ever imagine someone would say that to her. Did she just ask me to die?
  • Her eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Song An. “W-What did you say?” she asked with trembling lips.
  • Song An cast a sidelong glance at her and smirked in amusement. “What? You can’t understand something so simple? I’m just wondering since you don’t seem like an ignorant person. How could you not have gotten that? You were even able to pull off such a lowly scheme.”
  • That last remark suddenly made Duanmu Xue short of breath. She leaned back automatically and gripped the blanket tightly as she lowered her eyes—too afraid to look at Song An. Song An’s words clearly showed that she knew what Duanmu Xue did. But how does she know? Who is she?
  • Song An crossed her arms and provoked, “What’s wrong? I haven’t even said anything yet. Why are you backing away? You’re making it look like I’m bullying you. Way to go at playing the victim here.” Then, she paused for a moment and looked back at Yuchi Jin. “It’s no wonder the Yuchi Family’s old man is all riled up because of you.”
  • Yuchi Jin felt a rush of adrenaline seeing Song An standing in front of him in one piece and speaking so eloquently. Her words were disdainful, but she was still his little girl whom he had not seen in years. At that moment, he could not deal with Duanmu Xue’s feelings. The only person he saw was his little girl. When he heard his name, he fiddled with his nose and opened his mouth to say something.
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