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Chapter 723 Divine Justice

  • He gave out such a terrifying aura that his servant would not even dare to refuse him, so he nodded. “Yes. Then I’ll… go and check on it immediately. It’s just that… about the Ye Group…”
  • Ye Linhan's eyes turned cold all of a sudden. “If he really is dead, isn’t the Ye Group already at my fingertips now? Do we need to worry about being a few days short?” He was right. If Ye Moxuan lost his life, what could he use to compete with Ye Linhan? He stood to lose everything—his company, his wife, and his kid.
  • “You’re right, Young Master Linhan. If he’s dead, then the Ye Group is already yours. We’re not short of a few days.”
  • Ye Linhan turned cold. “Then, why aren’t you carrying your task now?”
  • “Y-Yes. I’ll go and check it right away.”
  • As soon as he was gone, Ye Linhan stared at the contract that he was about to sign and squinted his narrow eyes. He left it unsigned and lifted the contract to look at it before a smile suddenly crossed his lips. “Ye Moxuan, is it because of divine justice that this happened to you?” Afterward, he tore the contract in half and his eyes filled with mockery. He lost his life on the day of his wedding. This really is good news.
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