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Chapter 1588 Travel

  • Tang Yuanyuan remembered that that lady was similar to Yishu—she was tall and thin, although not as tall as Yishu. Even so, her figure was slender; she had make-up on, and her body smelled nice. Tang Yuanyuan didn’t know what other people thought, but she found the lady to be rather extraordinary. If only I could be like her.
  • Afterward, she searched around in her closet for suitable clothes, but she realized that all her clothes were childish and looked like clothes that little children would wear. She started to feel depressed after looking for a long time. As a result, she gave up on trying to find something suitable and decided to go downstairs to meet Yuchi Yishu, wearing whatever she had on currently.
  • “Yishu, it’s the new year. You’re 21 now. Time sure flies by so quickly.”
  • Yuchi Yishu pursed his lips and smiled faintly. “Yeah.”
  • “Yuanyuan was so tiny back then. Now, she’s 17. In another year, she would become an adult too.”
  • Mrs. Tang was trying to hint at him with the latter part of her sentence. Her daughter might be ignorant when it came to relationship matters, but he definitely was not. After all, this child matured early and was steady and down-to-earth. So, he probably understood what she was trying to imply.
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