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Chapter 256 She Could Have Stolen It?

  • Shen Qi paused before she spoke. “You are overthinking.”
  • “How am I overthinking? Are you saying that I am wrong? He might treat you well, but you have to remember that you are married. Both males and females who are the third party in relationships are equally despicable.”
  • Shen Qi couldn’t help but glance at Yan when she heard that, and Yan met her gaze stubbornly. “What? Do you think that I’m wrong?”
  • Shen Qi smiled faintly while shaking her head. “No, I approve of your principles, and that’s what I believe too.”
  • Suddenly, she thought of something and asked Yan gingerly, “In that case… what if there’s no love between the husband and wife? And it turns out that the husband is in love with another woman? If those two are in love with each other, do you think that the wife should give them her blessing?”
  • Whoa! Why should the wife give them her blessing? He is already married; is he trying to pull the act where true love conquers all? It is disgusting to claim that true love conquers all if that person is married. You can’t just justify this sort of action by claiming that the couple has no love for each other.”
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