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Chapter 537 The Banquet Part 2

  • The sudden cold voice of the man shocked the people surrounding the little boy.
  • The low voice of the man was devoid of any warmth as it struck right through everyone’s ears and into their hearts. They couldn’t help but shiver before looking toward the source of the voice.
  • A man in a mask stood there with a chilling aura around him. He had a hand in his pocket as he glared toward their direction with a pair of sharp eyes. His whole presence was emanating a strong aura that struck fear in everyone.
  • “Y-You are…”
  • “Since he already rejected you all, don’t you think you should just get the hell away?” The man spoke again, but the words that came out of his thin lips were ruthless—like an arrow.
  • A few of their faces turned dark because Ye Moxuan’s words were offensive.
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