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Chapter 645 About the Rainy Night

  • Han Muzi deliberately stressed on the word ‘hate’ when she said it, as if to let Ye Moxuan know how determined she was.
  • The corners of Ye Moxuan’s lips lifted up slightly. Seeing how Han Muzi was acting spoiled, he swept her into his arms and held her tightly, his tone filled with love. "You won't get the chance. I will only make you fall deeper for me."
  • Filled with embarrassment, Han Muzi was left speechless for a moment.
  • Her face blushing red, Han Muzi shot back, “Who’s in love with you? Just because I agreed to let bygones be bygones, doesn’t mean that I like you."
  • “Hmm?” Ye Moxuan raised an eyebrow, as if noticing something. “If it wasn’t because you like me, then what was it?”
  • Han Muzi gave a small harumph. “It was because you were so damn thick-skinned, always bothering me. What else?”
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