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Chapter 312 He Doesn’t Want to See Her

  • Twenty minutes later, Xiao Su’s car finally arrived at Seabay Villa, but his car was stopped when they arrived at the door.
  • Xiao Su frowned as he waved at the guards, but they still didn’t let them pass.
  • Xiao Su couldn't understand. He turned around and said to Shen Qi, “Wait here, Young Lady. I’ll go down and take a look.”
  • “Okay.” Shen Qi nodded and watched Xiao Su get down from the car.
  • Shen Qi couldn’t hear their conversation after the door was closed and could only see Xiao Su walking toward them as they had a conversation. However, Xiao Su suddenly turned around and took a glance at her after a while. His gaze looked complicated. He then turned around again and seemed to be arguing with the guards.
  • He didn’t come back after some time.
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