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Chapter 900 The Trampled Heart

  • George glanced at her and felt his heart ache. He had never seen Duanmu Xue in this state before; she looked pathetic—like something the cat dragged in. In the past, she had always stood at the top, looking down on everyone else. But what about now?
  • His lips curled up in a contemptuous sneer. He approached her with large strides, then crouched down in front of her. “How does it feel to hit rock bottom? It sucks, right?”
  • A look of bewilderment flashed across Duanmu Xue’s eyes at his words. What does George mean by that? However, at the sight of him crouching down before her, she didn’t feel as hopeless as she was before.
  • George… is somebody who used to like me! Although she couldn’t fathom why he later stopped following her around, it didn’t bother her at the time. She thought that it was a good thing as she preferred not having to meet him every day anyway. Besides, he wasn’t the only suitor chasing after her hand. Even if he wasn’t there, there were many others in his stead—his existence had been of no importance to her. Still, seeing him appear before her in this situation, she seemed to have grasped onto hope.
  • She looked at him for a while, then suddenly reached out to grab his shoulder. “George, please help me. Please help me! It wasn’t intentional! I never meant to hurt her!”
  • George paused for a moment when she grabbed his shoulder. Looking down at where she was holding on to him, his eyes wavered for a bit, but they soon cooled noticeably. “Never meant to hurt her? Who was it… that pushed her down the stairs just now?”
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