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Chapter 716 It’s Raining

  • The nurse started to have some doubts after hearing from Han Qing. She pursed her lips, then studied the photos again for a while before whispering, "How about this? Since the patients are resting now, you can go in and try searching for a while. It'll be fine as long as you're careful with what you're doing. What he said might be true as they’re all tired and might not look the same anymore. Who knows; maybe I just failed to recognize the man you’re looking for?" After saying that, the nurse took a glance at the photo again.
  • The man in the photo was good-looking; he had the kind of face that one would not forget after seeing once. The nurse believed that she would know for sure if he was among the survivors who had just been rescued.
  • However… The words from Han Qing made her feel uncertain. She should not make any hasty conclusions when family members were looking for their relatives.
  • “Thanks. Let’s go and look for him.” Stretching out his hand, Han Qing took Han Muzi’s mobile phone and put it away before gently pushing her shoulders. “Take your time. I’ll accompany you to go look around.”
  • With a pale face, Han Muzi nodded and said, “Okay, okay.”
  • When she said those words, a slight tremor could be heard. Han Qing promptly brought her close to his arms before they walked into the ward together. Due to the accident, the survivors were sent to the nearest hospital. This was the only hospital in the vicinity, and it was not very big. As such, the number of beds there was limited, and more had been added in the wards as well as along the corridors.
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