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Chapter 1198 What’s Wrong With You?

  • Judging by his expression, Jiang Xiaobai knew that she had gotten it right this time, so she laughed out loud.
  • “Don’t be shocked by my talents. Have you heard of the saying, ‘fictional stories stem from reality’? I’ve written so many stories, so of course I could roughly guess what had happened.”
  • I’ve penned so many characters, so don’t look down on my ability to guess the plot and characters! Jiang Xiaobai felt that she was quite skilled at deciphering people.
  • Of course, this was what she thought herself.
  • “Let me guess the upcoming plot. You fell in love with the protagonist’s best friend, but she doesn’t love you. The person whom she loves is probably…”
  • At this point, Jiang Xiaobai paused to think about the story he asked her to write before this, so she was quite familiar with the protagonist’s life. After thinking about it, she suddenly turned around to look at Xiao Su. “Don’t tell me that she fell in love with the protagonist’s brother.”
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