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Chapter 980 Calming Down

  • All these years, Yuchi Jin had been eating alone. Even though he had Yu Bo’s company, at the end of the day, they were still just two old men. It was a pitiful sight when it was just the two of them accompanying each other. Yuchi Jin was not always alone; he previously enjoyed the company of his wife and children. If he was not strong, he would not have made it after all these years of being alone. But now, even his youngest daughter was back. Even though his eldest daughter was no longer around, her child was here, together with their entire family of four. Furthermore, Han Muzi brought Han Qing. Including him and Yu Bo, they had a total of eight people. It was full of life.
  • Yuchi Jin was all smiles, and the fact that Little Bean was sitting next to him made him even happier. All this while, Little Bean had been saying a lot of good things about Han Muzi in front of Yuchi Jin. Yuchi Jin did not like Han Muzi before, and his pride had made it worse. But after Little Bean’s brainwashing throughout these days, Yuchi Jin’s appreciation of his granddaughter-in-law had greatly increased. Even so, he was proud and still could not simply let go of his ego and express his appreciation toward her.
  • Though, he did greet Han Qing and chat with him. After all, they were both chairmen of a corporation, so they had things in common to talk about. Very quickly, Yuchi Jin’s appreciation of Han Qing had increased. He felt that he was a trustworthy person. Throughout this meal, Little Bean had spoken well of Han Muzi to a great extent.
  • However, Song An was absentminded when eating at the table. Her mind took a trip down memory lane as she saw everyone at the table. At the time, she was still little, and her elder sister would take care of her the most. Their mother’s health went downhill after she gave birth to Song An and was bed-ridden for many years. Even the most expensive medication could not succeed in keeping her alive. After she passed, Song Xin was the person who took care of Song An.
  • Her elder sister took care of her like she was her own daughter because Yuchi Jin was devastated by the loss of their mother. Due to his unstable mental condition and exhaustion caused by the loss, he had put aside a lot of the matters in the company. Since Yuchi Jin had to take care of many matters in the company after his wife’s funeral, he naturally neglected his two daughters.
  • Even though initially the two sisters could understand what their father was going through, gradually, their relationship with him became estranged. After all, to children, their parent’s affection was the most important thing. This was contrary to always hearing that their father had a work client to attend to that night and that they did not have to stay up late to wait for him. In the beginning, they would not see each other a lot, but after a while, they never saw each other anymore. Yuchi Jin’s work became busier and busier, so much so that he had no time to accompany his daughters and never got to remarry.
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