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Chapter 718 Escape

  • Boom! The lightning almost tore the sky in half. The person who had been sleeping soundly on the bed suddenly removed her blanket and got up after hearing the thunder.
  • The lights in the room were switched off. One was able to vaguely see the figure getting down from the bed. Then, she tried to walk in the dark until she reached the side of the door. Following that, she tried to feel for the knob, and finally the door was opened.
  • The light from the hotel’s corridor suddenly lit up the dark room, and at the same time, it also brightened up Han Muzi’s delicate face, despite her not wearing any makeup. She took a few steps forward, but was blocked by two men in front of her.
  • Han Muzi felt surprised to see the two men as her pale lips twitched. “You…”
  • “It’s not safe out there. President Han ordered us to guard by your door to protect you.”
  • Protect me? Han Muzi could not help but quirk up the corners of her lips to show a mocking smile. “Are you protecting me or keeping a watch on me?”
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