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Chapter 822 Wait for Me After Work

  • After all, they were siblings. Seeing her like this saddened Duanmu Zhe.
  • Even so, he still could not allow her to interfere in other's relationships because that would be immoral. Duanmu Zhe's softly patted Duanmu Xue on her back with his large hand and consoled her, "It's okay. Don't cry anymore. What's so good about Ye Moxuan? There's more than one man in this whole world, and I can certainly recommend some even better ones to you. Besides, it's his loss for not choosing you."
  • Duanmu Xue was sobbing uncontrollably in his arms, and her tears could not stop rolling down her cheeks; she kept shaking her head. Duanmu Zhe could only continue to comfort her.
  • She was crying so hard that she was twitching when she stopped crying. At the same time, she looked at Duanmu Zhe's arm that was still bleeding. The flesh seemed a little mutilated, and the wound looked quite severe.
  • "I'm sorry, Zhe… I was out of control earlier. Is it painful?" she asked him in tears and distress.
  • Duanmu Zhe touched her head and bitterly smiled. "As long as you promise to not do any of these things again, I'll let you bite me as many times as you please. Small wounds like these are harmless."
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