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Chapter 1458 An Accomplice

  • After quite some time, sounds of footsteps could finally be heard outside of the meeting room. Immediately, Xu Yanwan turned her head toward the source of the footsteps. She hadn’t seen Han Qing for a short while, but the latter already seemed much more skinnier. Clearly, Han Qing was unable to get any good rest during this period of time as his eyes were bloodshot. He must be exhausted because of Yan’s matter. Not only did he have to worry about Yan, but he also had to take care of the He Family; both matters definitely consumed much of his energy.
  • The guilt in Xu Yanwan’s heart grew even deeper when she saw Han Qing in such a state. Everyone had gotten hurt because of her. Perhaps, she shouldn’t have returned to the country at all. If she had stayed overseas, things would not have turned out this way. She was unsure if Han Qing was treating her even more coldly because of this matter too, for he did not even bother to greet her. After pulling out a chair, he sat down and stared at her in a distant manner.
  • Xu Yanwan knew what was going on; although she felt miserable, she did not utter a single word. Instead, walked up to Han Qing and handed him several documents. However, Han Qing did not take the documents from her. Xu Yanwan extended her arm and placed the documents on the table. “These are all the important information about the company.”
  • Han Qing squinted his eyes upon hearing this, looking as though he did not understand what she was up to today. “He Lianjing and I got to know each other because I found out about Yan’s matter. He did all of this because he was standing up for me. Although he’s the actual culprit, I am partly responsible for it too. I cannot accept your help in reviving the Xu Family anymore, so that’s why I have gathered all this information.”
  • Han Qing did not flip through those documents; he did not give her a reply either. He simply fixed his gaze on her and asked after a few moments, “I only want to know if you had known about the arson.” In other words, he was insinuating whether she had known that someone was going to set the place on fire. Did she know about the fire and is confessing to it in silence, or does she really have no idea about it at all?
  • Looking at him, Xu Yanwan pursed her lips before sitting down in front of him. “Taking this arson into account, this matter has already happened twice. It happened once in a coffee shop when I asked Yan out. He Lianjing was already plotting to hurt her at that time, but I managed to stop him. I told him that I did not want to put anyone’s life at risk. I thought that… he wouldn’t do this anymore. I did not expect…”
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