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Chapter 702 Are You Feeling Sorry for Him?

  • She did not know how long she had slept as all her dreams were full of the cursing voice of Meng Xueyou. It was as if she could still hear them loud and clear, and this had caused her to be greatly distracted and anxious.
  • Han Muzi immediately opened her eyes and noticed that the sun was already up, and the person next to her was gone. She was in the bed by herself.
  • Her heart was pounding and her forehead was covered in a cold sweat.
  • Han Muzi blinked and sat upright. When she was staring at the big blue ocean right outside of the gigantic window, her eyelids started to twitch uncontrollably again.
  • She subconsciously reached up to press her twitching eyes with her hands, but that action did not seem to help. Han Muzi could still feel her eyelids twitching restlessly under her index fingers. What's going on? Is something bad about to happen? The wedding is just a couple of days away, and if anything bad happens at this point, would Ye Moxuan and I… be at the point of no return? This can't happen!
  • She did not want anything like that to happen. She quickly got up and grabbed her phone, whereupon she saw a text message from Ye Moxuan, telling her that he had already left for the airport. Han Muzi took a quick look at the clock and realized his flight had not taken off yet. After some consideration, she decided to send him a text to ask him to stay safe. Then, she quickly gave Han Qing a call.
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