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Chapter 667 You’ve Really Destroyed Me by Hiding Him From Me

  • The five year old kid stood there, carrying a plate of fruits, but this was not the point. The point was that despite the faint sharpness in the little brat’s eyes, his entire frame—including his eyes, nose and lips—made Ye Moxuan feel as if he was looking at a mirror. The kid in front of him resembled a mini version of himself.
  • His heart shrank as he looked at the kid’s face, which was identical to his, before his mind stopped functioning.
  • On the other hand, the little brat was also stunned when he saw Ye Moxuan. His dark iris was not obscured by any debris, which made it easier to see the confusion in the little brat’s eyes after seeing him.
  • The little brat regained his composure and moved toward him. Each step that the boy took felt like a step on Ye Moxuan’s heart, but he did not realize that his fingers trembled at the same time too.
  • Little Bean now stood in front of him and saw that Ye Moxuan’s face was pale. Geez, why is Daddy useless? He looks at me as if he is seeing a ghost. Oh no, does he really think that I’m a ghost?
  • Little Bean placed the plate on the table, but accidentally knocked the porcelain plate against the table. He then stuck a couple of toothpicks into pieces of fruits and lifted his head to look at Ye Moxuan. “Would you like some fruits?” Little Bean’s adorable face only made him even more innocent and harmless.
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