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Chapter 1321 Just A Catch-Up

  • Suddenly, Han Muzi stretched out her hands and wrapped them around Ye Moxuan, then gently rested her head on his shoulders. “Don’t you panic, and don’t you be afraid, for memories will only remain as memories. Other than messing with your mind, it has no other powers. Let bygones be bygones. I am now by your side, as well as Little Bean and Little Sprout, and your grandfather too.”
  • The soft tone of Han Muzi’s words were like soothing sounds caressing Ye Moxuan’s heart. His fingers twitched as he wrapped Little Sprout in his arms even tighter now. The two corners of his lips lifted and formed a smile. What Muzi said was right. Although he had gone through some stormlike trials, what was most important now was having his loved ones with him. He was indeed on the brink of death, but wasn’t he alive and well now?
  • At that, Ye Moxuan raised his eyebrows. “Are you saying these things so that I will stop following you?”
  • Han Muzi let out a gentle cough with an awkward expression. “I didn’t mean that. You were looking so sad just now and I only wanted to comfort you. Otherwise, you might go crazy one day for thinking too much.”
  • Ye Moxuan cast a short glance at her and reached out his finger to pinch her nose. “Naughty girl.”
  • The two of them were like lovebirds, fooling around and displaying playful affection at each other.
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