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Chapter 93 You Have To Tell When You’re In Pain

  • Shen Qi went back to her room with her head in the clouds. She took off her shoes, changed into room slippers and walked toward her bed. Then, she sat on her little bed dejectedly and stared hollowly at the card in her hand.
  • What should I do? How am I going to tell Han Xueyou about this? My head hurts. The status of the Han Family is actually as prestigious as the Ye Family so there isn’t any problem for these two families to have a marriage. However, looking at the situation of the Ye Family…
  • As she was pondering, she suddenly felt something was off—the air was unusually chilly. She lifted her gaze and was met with a pair of cold and abstruse eyes. Thud! Shen Qi was startled and the credit card fell from her hand, where it landed on the cold floor.
  • Both of them looked at the card on the floor at the same time. Shen Qi blanched and leapt to her feet. “I can explain!”
  • “Miss Second-marriage, you’ve exceeded my expectations,” Ye Moxuan sneered. When he lifted his head for the second time, a shadow was formed at the bottom of his eyes, like a dark undercurrent of an unexplored piece of ocean, which was enough to strike terror in the hearts of those who beheld it.
  • Shen Qi’s pink lips trembled. “I…”
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